Cleaning Services

• General Cleaning

We do all types of general cleaning from buildings, banks, airports, ministries, offices, commercial complexes, restaurants, schools, private houses and everything else. We pride ourselves on the satisfaction of our customers and with experienced staff and supervisors you can be sure the job will be done right.

• Hospital Cleaning

This is an extremely specialized procedure due to the high requirements of cleanliness and hygiene. Good Hygienic environment in the Hospital is what we achieve. We are very careful as to what products we use in hospitals because they are very sensitive areas with very sensitive people. So we do are very best in maintaining the highest order of aseptic cleanness, disinfection and sterilization throughout the entire Hospital's facilities.

• Window / Glass Cleaning

The glass of your company is the first thing the customer looks at and if it's poorly maintained the customer will judge your company based on the building's glass facade appearance. This is one of the most important areas to keep clean for that exact reason. At Tanzifco we are equipped with the latest equipment to clean windows at any height safely and would be happy to prove it to you. Whether it is 10 meters or 100 meters, whether it needs a ladder or hydraulic lift or 30 meter access platform or a man hoist (cradle) covering a 100 story building or absailers suspending down by ropes from roof tops Tanzifco can supply and perform safely.